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Did you know that you can get paid or earn other rewards by test driving new cars?

Not only are you gaining knowledge that will serve you well when it comes time to bargaining a good deal, but you'll make some extra cash too! If you don't believe us, read the following articles on why automobile manufacturers, including luxury cars such as Maserati and Lexus, use this marketing tactic:

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How to find out about current paid test drive offers -

So, where do I sign up? Right here at our forums!

These offers come in many forms. Sometimes you'll receive an email.  Usually, you'll receive an invitation in the mail, though you might have to look through those brochures carefully to find it. And best of all, sometimes you can literally "sign up" for these offers online, but that doesn't occur as often as we may like....
These offers pay in many forms as well. We've received: Visa / American Express / Mastercard gift cards; gift certificates to stores such as Target, Home Depot, and Menards; credit at; free gasoline and hotel stays; even free airline tickets...

You will need to get on the mailing lists of these car manufacturers, and read what they send you! Be sure to enter all competitions put on by these automobile manufacturers, and keep up to date on our forums. We have two boards on test driving: one where you can sign up online for test drives, the other where you can get a heads up on offers that are arriving in the mail .

What are you waiting for? For the most current information, visit our forums or, sign up to Get an email from us whenever a new test drive offer is found!


Please see the forums for the most recent offers that may not yet have been added to this page...

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