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Are you looking to get paid to take an online survey? Taking online surveys is an easy way to get paid cash if you've got access to a computer and some free time on your hands. Do you have to pay to find the companies offering these paid surveys? No. I paid $25 for access to a list of paying online surveys around five years ago. I did make the money back by taking online surveys and winning a lottery drawing for $100. All of the online survey companies on the listing that I paid for several years back are included on the free listing of paid online survey companies below, and a few more!

So, again, can you get paid to take an online survey? Yes! Do you have to pay, or can you find a free way to get paid to take a survey? You don't have to pay at all. Feel free to register at all of the paid survey companies below. And be sure to let us know if we left out any paid survey companies that you're aware of, and also if you've had good or bad experiences with any of these paid survey companies.

Paid Survey Companies and Market Research Companies that Pay Cash or Reward Particpants in Other Ways

Online shoppers have opinions. Can you get paid for voicing your opinion?

What influences you to make a purchase? Is it affiliation with a reward program such as frequent flier miles or Upromise? Is it the packaging? The price? The fact that it was on sale or on display at the end of the aisle?  Or maybe you stick to one brand...

There are companies that pay to hear you speak your mind. And some are legit! Forget about those that spam or make you try free trial offers you're not interested in. Some pay with reward points that can be cashed in for merchandise or checks. Others pay you straight cash.

It works like this... You give your information, and they send surveys for which you may qualify. If you qualify, you get rewarded.

The chart abovelists many established online survey companies. Bookmark's survey page for future reference when you've got some spare time and would like to take advantage of these opportunities (or just want to make sure they have up-to-date-information on you! If we've left out anyone, let us know at Please also let us know of your experience with the above companies - good or bad!

Its your turn now - have your say!

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